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03/03/2017, 18:54:16
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Thanks Bob,
Yes an entire comedic thread would be long........ we should start one. 
Not only were we to blame for any failings of his plans and ideas on an overall, ever changing basis; at events if we were 'lucky' enough to be doing service the TENSION of doing everything to perfection surrounding everyone and the real risk of his disapproval was huge.
 It was confusing a lot of the time as the 'direction' would often change mid-stream or be somehow unclear from the beginning. 
there was the sensation that everything could turn on a dime and there would be hell to pay for someone, evidenced by the changing of the guard of various honchos each time. 
All of a sudden it required some sort of corporate standpoint, no doubt brought about by the 'trainings' which seemed to confuse them even more than before when it was just dippy hippies doing it for love. 
We would wait and wait and wait for the go ahead for this plan or that plan and therefore have to have plan A, B and potentially C ready to go ahead because the time frame was narrowing. 
No one would dare ask though,probably he had the do not disturb sign on his door, having an important meeting with Monika maybe.
 So at the last minute we would hear he didn't like any of those plans and so we must tweak this or that and compromise somehow and oh dear, he is displeased. 
What a jerk, as if it mattered at all, the details and micro details, the hours and hours wasted trying to please the one person on the planet who can never sustain being pleased by anything for longer than 10 minutes.
 He brought us up ( you are my father! Blergh) to be co - dependant, had us hanging off every ambiguous word, having anxiety while over thinking the meaning of what he just said, when really he is eternally just spouting off hypnotic nonsense. Any wisdom that came through was borrowed. Any truths that were uttered were half truths, halved by his own personal manipulative agenda.
 We were naive, and maybe thats all we can really be blamed for. 
Still, even he cant stop the relentless progress of human inner development, eventually those who are willing to wake up at all costs- will. 
It is quite a turn up for the books when you get to understand that the person who claims to have your best interests at heart in that regard is a swindler and a minor demon double agent working against human self development, trying to keep every one stuck in that whirl pool that just goes round and round without any developments apart from where the money gets syphoned off to feed his extravagant lifestyle.
From reading the prem rawat bio site I came  to see he had his chance to admit to himself and to the premies many years ago that this belief system ( clothed as not a belief system) was largely flawed and would not amount to anything good but he just couldn't do it, ditched the psychologist, Michael died in an air crash and he sailed on regardless, this time making sure no one gets close enough to ever criticise him or his big fat knowledge again. His downfall is looming. 

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