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03/03/2017, 15:51:57
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Hi SuzyQ,

As I read your post today, I was taken aback by how clear and concise every sentence is.  An entire comedic thread could be written about everything that is our fault -- premies' fault -- versus everything Rawat takes credit for.  Everything ostensibly "good" falls in Rawat's column and everything that is/was an utter failure falls into our column.  In fact, we were so bleeping stupid that we came for the wrong reasons!  

Reminds me of Jethro's story about Rawat telling new premies not to listen to old premies.  Rawat left out the reason why: he screwed them up too badly to salvage.  (He couldn't convert the old timers who worshiped him openly into contemporary role models with a loose grip on morality who preferred that their worship remain a secret... hidden by such lies as "peace delegates" to a foot kissing "convention." )  

Great post!  Crystal clear.  Sorry it took so long to reply.


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