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I posted a link to your previous post in this thread because together with this post (or individually) it doesn't get any better or clearer.  There's no rationale for Knowledge other than the fact that it disables rational thinking for the purpose of mind control and exploitation.

I posted a lot about those trainings that were by secret word of mouth invitation only.  Ostensibly, the goal was to take "participation" to a much higher level than dippy hippies doing it for love.  In reality, it was to reinforce Rawat's grip and control at a time when he must have felt paranoid about losing it... an extreme effort to reinstate brow beat the essential element of total submission to his greed and dominance into the minds of already weakened and compromised individuals: the closest thing I've ever seen to brainwashing.   

In hindsight, one aspect of the trainings that caused much harm to me was -- under the threat of being banned from serving my Lord (Rule no. one was simply "Maharaji" ) -- Valario practically shouted:

"Don't you want to be impeccable!!"

Carrying that standard into the real world of work, co-workers and everything else didn't work so well.  I'm still affected by trying to let go of the impossible standards you posted about that were drilled into us for absolutely no good, justifiable, ethical or moral reason. 

Thank you for caring and taking the time. 



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