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03/09/2017, 16:56:52
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Lesley i know what you mean, theres a lot of it about. I come across them all the time. They accuse me now of being hard, a bad person etc. In fact I am being a realist. 
The latest one was my son's step brother who ingratiated himself upon me to let him stay as he had a job in town and no way to get home at night. At first it was for a few days as work was going to put him up, but without mention or asking and by avoiding me it turned into weeks. Presumably because the hotel where he was working was going to charge him a bit for the room. He was meant to be saving for a car. Two months went by. I saw him chugging back a beer at 10;30 am one morning. He brought two back packer girls home one night and a few days later I discovered the light bulb missing from that room. They had used it for smoking crack according to those in the know. I had many stern words with him and he was always extremely repentant and putting on that face of trying to get his act together, but after too much time I kicked him out, realising that the car would never be saved for as he spent all his money on booze and drugs.
 In the end he lost his job. An entirely undesirable character with huge problems I am not qualified to deal with. Not to mention I don't want to even if I were. The 2 examples I gave were just the tip of the iceberg, there were daily annoyances of crossing lines all over the place some of them unrepeatable and I was always there being mrs responsible and trying to steer him in the right direction. As usual with these types you're great when you're doing what they want and an utter pain and downright mean when you don't. 
These days I see through the manipulations and after a few 2nd chances i am more than happy to put the boot in if need be.
 Another local character who ended up kipping here the night caused a fist fight with his friend who was with him and when I told him in the morning that he wasn't welcome here anymore, as in ever again, he launched into a tirade of abuse and pseudo analysis of me that was somehow meant to make me change my mind. In the end he persuaded me to let him borrow my bike for 2 hours. a week later I saw him in town and asked him where my bike was. He had given it to another friend apparently. I cursed him and told him to get his friend to bring it back pronto. It did arrive in my driveway without any notice. 
The son's step brother has now taken that bike and apparently sold it for a joint to someone else. I'm still waiting for that to be returned. It's yes yes yes but the actions are no no no. There is a great divide between the takers and the givers in this world. Those habits of giving are hard to break but I'm getting a whole lot better at saying HELL NO. If they had any inkling what it looks like when I FINALLY blow my top they might think twice, however I see that they are so used to taking everyone for granted that it never occurs to them

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