'grounded as dirt'
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03/05/2017, 16:53:39
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um yes, I do feel thoroughly grounded these days.  God wouldn't it have been nice never to have been knocked off my feet by that stupid guru tho.  I'm sure I'd be much better at handling myself now, it is catch up for sure.  I think all the adventuring has stood 13 in good stead, tho - he seems better at it than either of us to me. 

grounded as dirt, delightful phrase as it is, has a connotation to it for me - not just that of never having lost your footing, but also of being in the 'sweet spot' of humanity.  By sweet spot I don't mean sweet like honey I mean like the centre of a tennis racquet.

I really don't mean sweet like honey.  But, on the fringes of humanity some of us are sweet natured, we can't help it it's our nature.

Like that worm eating beauty, just when I was thinking she was in the running to be crowned queen of the jungle she is voted off the show.  An early exit, preceded by the equally nice handsome young man.  well at least she will get a good feed, she was starting to look very hungry.

I tell you it's celebrity fat camp.  I swear a couple of them have joined up just to lose the weight.

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