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03/09/2017, 10:55:47
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My house has a ground floor flat and that is how I support myself - by renting it out.

Technically that should work out fine, practically, it does not, because that means you have to have a tenant and well yes you guessed.  There are so many of these narcissistic types around.  From 'please will he leave soon' with the first tenant, I have gone to 'dear Lord, deliver me from all evil' with the second.

And I have had to turn to my solicitor to deliver me.  I feel like hugging her.  

I was too casual in my approach to finding a tenant.   Naive to the dangers, I just accepted the first person.  I took him at face value and I ignored the thing that bothered me about him as not my concern (he had written a self help book and sounded a bit like a guru).

Then when he arrived and didn't come up with the full bond I took pity on him.  Even tho he tried to convince me I was misremembering and the amount he wanted to pay was the right amount, not the one I was asking for.  He literally tapped his chest and said he might have a heart attack and when he talked about not being able to afford it, I took pity on him - what an idiot, right.  It was the thin end of the wedge.

I look back tho and really, I just acted true to my type, and as normal I am learning from this experience.  I won't do that again.

Once this tenant leaves, I will wait however long it takes for a good tenant to come along.  

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