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03/13/2017, 17:34:45
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I thought it was possible the dept of Fair Trading would give my tenant a serve for misuse of their facility, his list of complaints are demonstrably false.  instead I have to start a new notice to vacate of 90 days because I did 60 days to vacate with no grounds (must have been an old leaflet I read).  3 more months before I can apply for an eviction notice even.  If I want to claim grounds it's only 14 days but it will take even longer to get a hearing - about 4 months.  Unbelievable and there was I thinking they might assist me in getting him out sooner rather than later.  I am spitting chips.

I have to detach.  Hard to ignore in your own home, it's like having cockroaches.  Only thing to do is do things that I enjoy so much I forget about him.  

Went swimming in the rain yesterday it was magical, there was a channel of lighter sky right on the coast between two rain storms.  An old friend picked me up and we went swimming at a spot where the surf was gentle enough for me to handle, stayed in for ages, the rain plonking into the water, just lovely and then a swim in the river where the tide had turned and the current had a strong pull, I sunk my heels into the sand and it could still drag me, .

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