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Thanks Bob, it means a lot to me that. Clarity was something he banged on about a lot but it was precious hard to find in the context of all the bullshit. It must have been pretty hellish and traumatic being 'trained' within an inch of one's life. Thanks for the posts about that , I have read them with fascination. Rule number one = maharaji ! ?
very clever. Already we have the manipulating ambiguousness because it's just one word, in fact it's his title, so how can that even be a rule? Immediately all participants are on the back foot with the logic engaged trying to read between the lines and of course coming up with the understanding that he is god or at least the boss because, well - because he said so.
 Meanwhile the narrative in the background is 'damn my mind for not understanding without question'. Yeah, but it's a purposely befuddling rule. Because it's not even proper english is it? And now we are being asked to be 'impeccable' when the master cant even make rule number one into a sensible sentence.... argh. Knowledge was burdensome mentally and emotionally and spiritually and yes in the end impacted my nervous system and bodily health of course too. We were manipulated into putting someone with a moderate IQ and a limited education,naturally lazy and inclined towards instant gratification on a pedestal that he had built for himself (by us minions, or it wouldn't have been the same) that made him out to be a sort of genius jesus, talents galore apparently, master painter and poet, inventor and investor, magician extraordinaire and of course the saviour of our world. Sadly he has no talent apart from the natural wiliness of a full blown narcissist. The trainings sound like they were mind control techniques. I am deeply sorry you were put through that. Black and white thinking, impossible and unrelenting standards, these are symptoms he was happy to pass on, and yes it was not only desirable but necessary to be subjugated into imbalance for the liar to pull off the illusion. It is all as plain as day now.

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