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02/21/2017, 15:57:19
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Has anybody else noticed the page reads?  If you compare it to the non Rawat forum it is a big difference - premies must still be reading this page.

Just when I was thinking well okay so cult daze is over, anybody still in one wants to remain in it and maybe we can just chat amongst ourselves here on this page I check the page reads and ponder the position further.

maybe it isn't premies tho, maybe it's all ex premies.  could be, it really could.  There's more of us that left than still in I reckon.

so many voices that fell silent along the way.  Pat Conlon was the first ex premie that I missed when he stopped posting.  I still miss Jools and hope she is okay.  

Anyway, apart from the people I have met here, what do I value the most from this forum?  well apart from the help with exiting that cult we were in that is.

the other thing I value enduringly is the free speech I have had here.  JHB, you have been a wonderful host.  And years and years ago when my confidence was at it's lowest ebb, I remember 13 saying to another poster listen to lesley I reckon what she's saying is good.

so yes really I have taken advantage of the chance to say my piece.  I am grateful, it is a bit off mainstream but it is not off the planet.  And it is better out than in!

Lakeshore, you have been a legendary poster, holding out a warm hand of welcome to so many.  And the support of all of us - it's a good thing to have been a part of. 

It's so much quieter here now.  Maybe because we are all getting older.   

all the best everyone, hoping all is well with you, xox Lesley

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