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12/13/2016, 17:31:47
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did Rawat hold any programs in LA in the early 80s? If so, where?
Los Angeles, Lincoln Blvd. - August or September 1979
(It was in midst of a series of U.S. events, I seem to remember: Wildwood NJ, Milwaukee WI, Portland, Los Angeles, Colorado Springs, New Orleans, DECA. With two chartered commercial jets travelling the route; #1 for him; and #2 jet filled with a bunch of people
paying very high fees to cover tour costs who followed along, with hotels included, taking along the One Foundation band, event crew and some few others - there was a darshan line at each event between two satsang sessions)
- The one in L.A. it was at
the local community hall/satsang/movie theater venue near the airport (Lincoln Theater?). He talked awhile, then a darshan line, then again he talked awhile

Santa Monica - May 27, 1982
- a "premie program" with a few Q & A at the end.

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