'79 N.Am. Autumn tour and Hurricane Festival
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Rawat flew one leg in the 2nd plane.
I think it was Milwaukee to Portland?  Wasn't there a stop at Portland before L.A.?  Maybe there was no darshan line at New Orleans and at DECA; I no memory of darshan there, but maybe...

Thanks for supporting that jaunt Roger; I did enjoy it, for whatever that's worth  .

I went to Orlando after the tour ended to help prepare the site for the Orlando festival.
There for the "Hurricane Festival" that Sept too then I guess.  That was a curious one. 

The thousands of attendees had paid for their flights and hotel bookings and were arriving into town, Miami, from around the country and around the world for the event on Miami Beach at the convention center...while a hurricane was approaching from the south.  But in which direction was it moving?  Where would it hit landfall?  ...could be right at Miami?!  ...watching the weather tv news updates constantly.  No word on cancellation of the event had arrived from M, all the staff and volunteers on edge, waiting, wondering, with everyone pouring into town, until the last minute when it was obvious the hurricane could land close.  Then the decision came down, only just the day before, the festival will be shifted to Kissimee, and everyone evacuated in caravans of vehicles or by plane, to hunker down into their substitute Orlando motel rooms as the storm grew in its fury following everyone north.  And then in the middle of the night came knockings on each motel room door awakening to notice of an immediate middle of the night darshan line just ahead of arrival of the storm's downpour and peaking.  Running in the night through storm blown fields lit with makeshift lighting to a temporary stage for the rush through the darshan line in the open under bright flood lights.  Then back to motel rooms to hibernate through the thrashing storm winds and and drenching walls of rain downpouring overnight and into the next day till the skies died down and everyone went home.  ...until returning only [five or six?] weeks later for the week or 10-day-long Kissimmee event in November.

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