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12/13/2016, 16:38:57
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Hey Jim,

1979 and 1980 were the height of the DECA years which means Rawat was in Miami Beach and Hialeah all of the time. He held all his major festivals in the Miami area.  I don't remember him having one in L.A.  And I knew where he was all the time.  It was my service.  Secret service.

My reasoning behind this is that Rawat never went back to L.A. during those two years and There was "rumor" that he was snubbing the L.A. crowd.  Although Rawat did bring from Malibu to Miami, his family, lot of his personal staff, lots of others to work on special projects at DECA.  Quite a few of his rich sycophants moved to Miami, too.  And, of course, his favorite luxury autos and the mechanics arrived.  I watched them unload those babies from the trailer trucks.  True beauties they were. 

The only way to find out for sure about this is to go to Tom Gubler's site and search for publications for those two years, see if there was a program in LA.

Good luck, my friend...   Cynth 

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