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12/22/2016, 21:23:56
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I slept through the darshan call also.  Nobody came to awake me or I slept through the wake up call.  I liked the fact that the hurricane shared my name.  During some previous programs Prem would mention a person's first name.  I wanted him to speak my name and it wasn't until this "sermon on the mount" that he said "David" and not just once.  After the program I returned to my home in New Jersey
which had a passing blow from hurricane David the morning of my 30th birthday.  This was the only hurricane with my name and forever will be since the names of major hurricanes are retired.  By the way did you live in Gainesville during the first half of 1982.  I was there from February though May of that year when I worked for the chiropractor Jim Barrass.


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