ABC's "20/20" Scientology and Lea Remini...
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Cynthia ®

01/07/2017, 15:02:05
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It's very good.  Parts were snagged from other  documentaries.  I can only stomach an hour or less of watching this cult shit, so this 39 min. vid was my limit.  Scientologists are some badass motherfuckers. 

If you watch this, notice some shots of Lea Remini seated.  She's got her arms crossed over her lower belly.  That's some major damned stress.  Remini is doing such a good thing.  She's righteous and courageous.  Cult backlash like Lea's up against is enormous and can take its toll.  I hope she keeps safe and healthy, bless her heart.

It's worth a watch.   


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