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01/11/2017, 07:12:23
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Dear Cynthia,

I take that word disgruntled ( in the context of exiting from a cult) as a badge of honour .
So raise a glass to all those cult members who dared to examine that feeling of being disgruntled and take it to its logical conclusion.

Regarding yourself....on this forum we all know how courageous you are and its good to see that , despite everything, you are looking to the future with optimism.

Christmas is a difficult time , especially the first Christmas without your special person....of course you will never forget but gradually time will take away the rawness and allow you to appreciate the life you and Tom shared, with less pain. You sound like you are doing great.

Just over 3 Christmases ago my sister suddenly lost her adored son, and I ,my nephew. He died suddenly and unexpectedly one evening after he had put his baby daughter to bed and his wife had gone out to Christmas show rehearsals with their other young daughter. There were no goodbyes . He was 35 and lived very near me. It was like someone threw a hand grenade in the midst of our family.

Move on two and a bit years and his lovely wife, who has coped with her bereavement and the girls, has met a new man, to whom we have all been introduced. Her house is plastered from top to bottom with photos of Peter and the happy times they spent together. We know that nobody can ever replace her husband but the new guy seems to be taking everything in his stride. We just want Kimberley to be happy after all the pain she has endured.

I try to spend time with my sister and reassure her as does her other son.

So Cynthia, love and hugs to you and wishing you all the goodness in your life that you deserve.

Alexandra xx 

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