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01/04/2017, 16:23:57
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It's an interesting question considering the cult is already all but faded away.  After I posted, I thought that it depends on which cult continues, the secretly practiced LOTU version we escaped from or the newer and equally insidious "perpetual Prem" business-like gambits, the infiltration of prisons, educational and other institutions under the guise of some learning curriculum -- too many acronyms for these types of things to remember.  The LOTU version needs a golden grandchild with magical grace and the perp Prem version needs slick inner circle types in suits to give it some sort of image.

But... since Prem Rawat stated unequivocally that the Knowledge techniques are useless and don't do anything at all without his grace, I suppose a golden grandchild is in order... for two reasons: to provide the necessary "grace" and to keep the money in the family.

Really I'm just rambling as an excuse to say hello!

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