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01/06/2017, 17:01:52
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As I recall, one reason your remark was so funny was because some innocent poster asked "What is charanamrit?"

As timeless and stunningly accurately and funny as your answer was, you have to admit... they really teed it up for you!!

I feel a deep bond with ex-premies.  As I've moved on and engaged with the never affected, I'm constantly reminded that I can't undo my decades as a foot kisser and toe jam juice sipper, nor (in certain circumstances) can I tell my never affected acquaintances about my past.  It's just too extreme for their sensibilities and really nothing but risk to my new relationships -- still the same reason why so many premies live dishonest double lives and deceive the public -- and why this forum remains a special sanctuary.

Love to you as always.


"delegates" to a "peace conference" my ass

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