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03/07/2017, 06:27:01
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My friends and family often thought I had a bit of an exciting life, going off here and there over the years. But I saw precious little of the places and what they had to offer.
At overseas events if I interacted it was probably with that half stoned premie look on my face, if I think about it. Walking around trying to hold my tongue to the tune of some of that elevator music that seemed to go down at every event.

I bought the idea that I had an exciting life. The way it looked on the outside, occasional airline travel overseas. Airports. Pilot guru.There was some sort of elitism illusion going, it pervaded. I was flying off to see the perfect master of the time (his words)

But it wasn't exciting, it was bland, it was melancholy sometimes. At times it was downright traumatic. There were blissful moments, a reprieve.
It was a lot of effort and expense for that compared to any travel experiences I've had that didn't involve him.
So I bought the idea that I led a somewhat exciting life thanks to the master
Maybe he thought sitting on the couch absorbing propaganda re what a great and necessary master he is might get boring after a while. Not because he rated himself as boring, he didn't rate us or our ability to be anything other than premies and occasional slaves. Yes those mind control sessions at local events and at home were boring and also they were actually propaganda.
So how does he get us to stop getting bored with the special K. There is definitely a need to spice the premies lives up a bit, how about get them to pay for a wee hypnosis holiday so they think something is actually happening. Nice trick.

Round and round it went for years like a broken record.Of course I had a real life and real family and real friends. But I had regular sessions of taking in his S L O W mind control banter as well... and he would hammer, literally hammer the same point over and over again until we could be forgiven for believing we must be stupid or something. He sure thought so. He went on for years about death. He'd stick with themes and just fkn well harp on!!!!!!!
Argh. I believe nowadays I would heckle

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