electronic manipulation via rawat sound system
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bill burke ®

03/06/2017, 22:52:29
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seems like old news but I did first hear of it from the a sound system guy back in early eighties. rawats sound system had a electronic mood manipulation tool that would go on when he came on stage.   politicians use it now, and the pope, and I heard the dead used a form of  it as well.  one trick used during obamas denver acceptance speech, was to annoy and depress the crowd for a while before he came on. Then, they turned on the bliss. Just in case you needed some help understanding why we were suckers for the fake lord. There are photos of the pope walking around with obviously something like and ipad under his dress at waist level. walks into a room, and magic has landed. ect ect. not to mention the vast subliminal manipulation used on the tv, and at casinos with their tones from the machines, masking whatever they are saying.

by the way, flat screens, repeat, flat screens, are two way.

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