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03/04/2017, 14:52:56
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ah, I haven't watched any of those shows, before this it was cooking shows for me.  There's this one young woman she is stunningly beautiful and I can still picture her with a handful of the worms, dripping black sauce, and funnelling them into her mouth.  she is very impressive, her attitude is like bring it on - to her they're Food.  (the trick is to keep them underfed)

I have to admit a few days ago I woke up still on the edge of a dream and in my mind there was an image of 13 on a hospital bed.  I guess this is me coming to grips with his continued absence from the forum.  I think really he might just have decided to take a break and not even be reading and fair enough - John put in every effort and Jim left him with nowhere to go but away.  and none of us said anything, well you don't you just keep hoping something good will come from Jim.

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