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03/02/2017, 17:45:50
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yeah, it's the staying bit.  Thank you too, Bob.  I wish 13 would come back he's been a consistent poster all the time I've been here but I think he got really fed up with that last interchange with Jim and might of just stopped altogether.  

I have been watching this tv program, it is real trash tv, they get a bunch of sort of celebrities and put them in the 'jungle' - well what they do is make them undergo trials to get food.  Fascinating really, it's pretty simple, they do it - you want me to eat earth worms dripping in a ground up cockroach paste, well I will do it.  You want me to stick my hand in a pit of snakes, I will do it.  People our age bungy jumping over canyons - all for food.

Other interests like how is their celebrity or personal status going pales in comparison, you can see it in their eyes, their interest peaks over the topic of food.  

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