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02/28/2017, 17:13:40
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yes, I came along in 1973 - those early days were already buried, I never heard talk of Saphlanand back then, but the beliefs of the early days, they still underpinned the 1973 premie beliefs. 

So reading lp's posts brought it back to me, how we had believed in premies and satsang being the company of truth and people talking freely.  That's what it was like in the early days.

I had a shot.  But I remember really not wanting to give satsang because I didn't have anything to say and I think that was a common feeling, how could it not be since getting poked in the eye doesn't produce enlightenment, I guess it was easy for the constraints to gather force until my goodness, only selected people were able to say pre-scripted snippets at satsang and other than that it was the damn videos, sigh, all those hours watching those stupid things and then I felt guilty when I skived off for a swim.

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