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02/27/2017, 22:32:27
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Yep, this time a king with a garish krishna crown, or is it a suit and tie? it took a while for the spoilt brat to catch up with kings attire these days. In spite of the references to Christ he has never borne any resemblance , compassion? healing? humility? He should have opted for his birthday suit and the parable of the emperors new clothes. I remember when he ditched the ashrams and the satsang meetings where we all stood up and expressed ourselves. He said 'i've done things your way until now, now i'm doing it my way'
 So apparently it was our idea that he wear krishna crowns. It was our idea that our enthusiastic cult mutterings would attract the entire world to serve him. And when none of that was working and we were seen as just a bunch of weirdos, he asked for more resources so he could put together satellite broadcasts first, later the keys , so in the end it turned out that he was the only one qualified to give satsang, because obviously our efforts were turning more people away than attracting.... so it goes....the way I see it it was Divine Will Prem. Lila for Lucifer. 
His ridiculous efforts to keep everything under wraps, to change and change his skin again like the slippery snake he is, the daily grind of making sure the veil isn't lifted must be SUCH hard work, really there are better ways to make a fortune but he NEEDS that narcissistic supply, the adoration and the ability to manipulate in order to feel that he even exists. No wonder he is afraid of the dark, I bet he is haunted and hunted by day and by night, eternally vigilant trying to keep ahead of the game. One day, you know and I know, the game will be up, it's only a matter of time. If there is a hell he will be an usher for the darshan line to the cloven hoof.

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