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02/27/2017, 15:40:50
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I don't remember the whole post but I remember that line about a fungus silently killing the roots of all the trees in the forest.  It's a truth spoke plain.  Sometimes only a poetic turn of phrase will do.

LP's posts sparked something off in me too and I think when you take on board that he was the first western mahatma, the speaker to the earliest western premies it says something about what attracted us to the cult in the first place - he talked about the walk we were making.  He was like the missing link between the desolate barren lands of Premiespeak Inc. and our previous hippy selves.

Let's face it - Rawat has no class.  He can't draw he can't paint, his poetry is so bad it should come with a government health warning.  Do not read, you may despair of the whole human race.  He is a damn fungus!

Yeah I feel the same respect for the courage.  I still need to muster up a bit to make a derogatory post about Rawat - not because I think he can turn me into a mushroom but because of all those attacks on vocal ex-premies.  All kudos to Marianne for taking him on in the courts.

we do need free speech, it's like oxygen the way we feel the need of it.  I know Rawat and many others think it is better to control the airwaves but I think they're kidding themselves.  We all want to live in the daylight.

To be fooled into believing Rawat is the address to go to for our deepest most treasured aspiration for love is obviously going to have some pretty awful consequences.  

Not that it's a new story in the history of mankind, but I reckon it's still a case of better late than never for the premies - they are going to want a gulp of that oxygen.  

To be able to say what happened to them - what luxury. 

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