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02/26/2017, 19:33:01
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The quiet before the storm? I have seen the forum go through small lull's and then also times where there are many intriguing posts each day. We obviously are all getting on with our lives and there aren't many moments when Prem's momentous ego, false pride and manipulations come to mind. When they do I for one am extremely grateful I have you guys to turn to and say (!!!! remember that crazy shit ???) There are plenty of ex premies looking on here that have never posted I imagine. Maybe fear? not loathing or they would post. Maybe they just don't want to dismiss an entire chapter of their lives as being caught up in a web of deceit? Also I imagine there are common garden variety premies, cronies and honchos that read here, welcome. Go to prem rawat bio too.
Then every now and then we get a new poster !! yay! a new story and a new unravelling of truth to replace the fiction. We are SO lucky to have this forum and each other.
I remember when I first became a premie, one premie told me he had problems in the beginning accepting the guru thinking prem was fat because he must be greedy and lazy, but then he realised poor prem was given so many sweets and food items from his premies that he had to eat them all. The ability of the mind to bend the observations and facts to fit into the beliefs is nothing short of.. well... intelligent- to the point of idiocy.
I read the darshan extravaganza on prem rawat bio the other day ( thanks for that link by the way) and it was mentioned that the donated food and treats ended up being given back to the premies as prasad. Turns out the guru is just fat. Also greedy and lazy in good measure.

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