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02/26/2017, 06:48:41
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oh an emotional overload sounds like fun  

A big part of that moment, in line with other sentiments mentioned in this thread, was being reminded of my first months in ex-ing.  Lp had just made a post that affected me more than just about any other.  I kept it but can no longer find it.  Something about a fungus silently killing the roots of all the trees in the forest (you had to be there... ). 

Anyway, I was suit who commuted to Grand Central/Times Square at the time.  You know, the commuter coat uniform and all that.  So there I was that day, a 34 year premie with my "reality" collapsing like a house of cards scrunched into a Metro North train seat with a New York Times spread over my face.  Tears falling over my red face as I read that post line by line over and over again.

I so deeply respect the courage and condition of those beautiful people who endured the anguish and confusion of having everything they based their lives turn out to be false as it collapses like a house of cards, leaving them to reboot themselves without an operating system and having to scrape to rebuild themselves from their core.

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