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02/24/2017, 18:58:46
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Sorry for late reply but I just noticed your reply about how our parents reacted to our cult involvement.  

My parents were in SF Bay area when I had my brainwashing session.  I picked them up at the airport a few days later and proceeded to tell them that I had received the K of all K's from Guru Mahara Ji who is the current Jesus.  The silence was deafening.

Interesting about you being in Denver. I was living in Annapolis, MD at the time. A couple decided to "go for it" and moved to Denver which was then the Mecca of our cult.  Saw them once acting all blissed out but never again.

Anyway, I also noticed your comment on Leah and appreciate that she is just now dealing w/being in a cult.  When I first got into the internet and found EPO and the various forums, I really freaked out that I had been such a fool.  Took me a few months before I dared look again.

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