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02/24/2017, 13:58:59
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I've said it before but it bears ALL here at EPO have done more to "fix" me than any other entity in my whole fucked up life.  You give me everything I need...laughter, tears, heart...raw truth and freedom to make mistakes.  My cup runneth over with gratitude for every post there is...this thread is awesome!

DCcultmember...I think Leah Remini is on track for correction, I saw her do a talk show, I think Connan...not sure...but she said she was trying to stop calling it a religion and wanted to refer to it as an organization.  So I think she's been doing that more and more, hopefully soon she'll be able to wrap her mind around all the evidence of the cult that it is and refer to it as such.  "Organization" is certainly a bit too neutral, right?  If she can find anything close to what there is here...what you all give me...she'll change the world.

Thank you just doesn't seem big enough,
Love, G

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