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02/23/2017, 18:53:58
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oh an emotional overload sounds like fun  

I don't think I've ever been a challenge for the administrator just a bit of a mouthful for everyone.  I remember telling an exasperated Jim that when I opened my mouth to speak there was too much to come out and it was like a log jam occurred and it would just take a while for me to become cogent.  and then my posts became more and more pared down, almost indecipherable.  I think it was lp who said they were like haikus.  and then I was struck by the brilliant idea of writing what I wanted to say as if I were saying it and have practised that ever since. 

But, difficulties like that aside, it's such a big deal we go past normal barriers in conversation.

And yes there was that emphasis on reason and logic - I think you are wanting at that time to shine the light of reason onto the feelings and experiences you had.  And then maybe things are better and we feel comfortable with our emotional logic again.

I saw a thing about a rhino.  A man went back to South Africa 50 years on and lay on the ground in tears petting this little rhino, it was a huge emotional moment for him, and it was his way of saying the truth of what happened in his family when he was a child and they looked after an orphan rhino who became so bonded with their mother and with the family in general that he died when released into the wild.  they were so sad to leave him there, the mother was in particular.  And it was awful for them when he died. 

must go to bridge so I'm going to post and hope no mistakes...

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