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02/23/2017, 18:42:25
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Yes it is a bit weird to see the reader-count on some threads. I may not post here as often as when I ex'd several years ago, but I still read frequently. I am always encouraged by the honesty and support.

Whoever the other 90% are we may never know, but I like the fact that anonymous folks are popping in, lurker or curious...the word is getting out.

I saw Leah Remini interviewed the other night on the Bill Maher show here in the US. It was great to see someone stand up to cultism and help others still influenced by those dark forces. I think it is important to remember that our voices do make a difference.

In my own world I remain in contact with a few old pseudo premies. I say pseudo because Rawat has diluted and watered down the Religion of Knowledge to such a degree, that anyone wanting to belong has only to utter a few approved terms and slogans and voila they are accepted.

It is nothing more than a spiritual club. Just go onto and type in "enlightenment" and there are hundreds of groups gathering weekly to provide pathways, guidance and delusional dogma.

Maybe it's just a phenomenon of each generation, a certain percentage become seekers and in turn fall prey to cults. Life is not fair in that regard, sometimes the best and brightest succumb. But I choose to stand strong and resolute in these years.

There is so much more to learn and discover. Thanks to all who post here.

Mark B

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