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02/10/2017, 20:25:27
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Boy, did that family play us for mugs or what?

So here's Prem's elder brother, the long forgotten Bal Bhagwan Ji, making a pitch to become Prime Minister of a bit of India which has already negotiated, with his help, a degree of separation from the central state. He represents the interests of the Rajput caste in that constituency & as India is a democracy where every vote counts, his forelock tugging spiritual serf voters count for quite a lot.

Looking around the web it appears he wants to introduce quinoa as a cash crop in that state, which may well be a good idea for all I know.

Looking further I came across an hour long youtube of him in Sydney in 2015. His voice is more soothing on the ear than that of his younger brother, & he effortlessly switches between Hindi & English, without notes in true satsang style, yet it's all groundhog day bollix. The same old shite about how modern science validates Hindu myths that his father peddled, & they still lap it up.

A mix of folksy religion & bullshit, & if that little fucker in Malibu isn't 'in touch' I'll eat my hat.

Think Borgia.

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