Nina Trott... Another sad loss
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01/27/2017, 08:54:07
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Still reeling from the news that Nina died yesterday. A vibrant talented woman , a premie musician who since leaving the cult has gone from strength to strength musically. I had no idea she was ill having exchanged comments with her on Facebook only a few days ago. She was an active participant on this forum in the noughties, posting under a different name. A violin player, she lived in Bath and a few years ago formed a brilliant little band called Radio Banksa. The following was written by a band member. 

The absolute best times of my life were spent playing music alongside Nina Trott,spanning a period of over thirty years. This morning, as they say, she lost her battle against cancer’ and passed away, breaking my heart and the hearts of her partner Louis and son Joe. I will leave this page up on Facebook for the present, as the seven year Radio Banska project was the greatest thing we achieved together – but of course the band cannot continue without her. I gave the sad news to one of the original Banska members today and he referred to her as a “lovely, warm-hearted, slightly bonkers and hugely compassionate free spirit”. I can’t improve on that description.

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