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and out of respect for Cq who I always read as IQ:

Although it's nearly impossible to reduce decades of my trajectory altered life to a list, here's a few examples off the top of my head this morning:

"Surrender the reins of your life to me and I will give you peace."

"Guru Maharaji.  The Lord.  All powerful."

"As a matter of fact, I am the prefect master."

"What else can a premie do but get on your hands and knees and pray to Guru Maharaji.  Beg to Guru Maharaji."

"Having Knowledge and not practicing it is like having all the vegetables in the universe rot in you closet."

"...fall from grace so far you'll shatter into a million pieces."

"Premies who meditate by he clock are pursuing death."

"Not meditating is like frying your wrists with 10,000 volts."

In the context of the Lord God Almighty giving a command to a premie/devotee/disciple/follower: "Any premie in a position to do so should move into the ashram."

     - Lifetime vow of poverty, chastity and obedience to Prem Rawat.

     - Immersed 24/7 in satsang, service and meditation.

     - Cut off from family and friends.

     - Arti morning an night.

     - No sex, children or intimate relationships.

     - No schooling or furtherance of education.

     - No media (books, novels, television, newspapers, magazines, radio, popular music, etc.)

     - Congested communal living with no personal property or money except for clothing and incidentals. 

     - Evenings, weekends and holidays immersed in satsang, Guru Maharaji videos, cult sanctioned music and meditation.

     - Questionnaires of family wealth and income in an effort to identify potential future income, inheritances, etc., for the Mission. 

"And when you sing Arti, mean it!"

"When Guru Maharaji calls, come running!"

Referring to quitting or problems at work as a result of traveling to frequent festivals: "It's okay if the boss is mad at you as long as the Big Boss is okay with it."

(Thinking about the Women's March yesterday) :  "Premies have no excuse not to feel infinite joy every moment of their lives."

     - Referring to his critics as "unlit matches who came for the wrong reasons." 

Countless comments disparaging love, marriage, children, relationships, parents, education and any priority or focus not aimed at and dedicated to him personally.

And that was only scratching the surface of what he said.  Here's a very short list of what he did -- short because so little was known about what went on behind closed doors and the shroud of secrecy Guru Maharaji hid behind prior to the advent of ex-premies who exposed what premies couldn't see or know about at the time:

     - The Boeing 707, DECA and divorce mills to make it possible for premies to work there.

     - The bully pulpit of satsang to encourage premies to donate jewelry, gold, silver and family heirlooms to help pay for the 707.

     - A subsequent succession of costly private jets (all the way up to a cream of the crop Gulfstream 650) to facilitate propagation that was always about to "take off."

     - Premie labor (service) and relentless fundraising to build his Malibu fortress, refurbish his mansions all over the world, and work on his costly pet projects. 

     - Non-stop cult promoted fundraising, fundraising and more fundraising:  "Easter and Mother's day were set aside for flower sales."   

     - World class watch and automobile collections.


And that brings us to what we found out about after ex-premies began to expose what went on behind the curtain:

A few of the most memorable that for some reason stuck with me:   

     - Failing to remove a pedophile mahatma from serving him or help bring him to justice.

     - Borrowing Jasper's luxury automobile that Jasper spent a day cleaning and polishing and returning it wreaking of smoke with an overflowing ash tray.

     - Stumbling off his premie gifted Gulfstream jet (mistress right behind him) into the arms of his waiting chaufer, and stooping over and laughing maniacally in the back seat while being driven.

     - Shoved Lp into a swimming pool new suit, new shoes, wallet, watch and all while he laughed along with all the surrounding premies who were duty bound to laugh right along with him -- a summarizing example of his arrogance, superiority complex and mean spiritedness.

     - A million dollar audio system.

     - A $7 million yacht named "Serenity."

And with utmost respect and appreciation for the courage and efforts of all those who made the following websites possible, here's a list of most (but not all) of the rest:




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