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01/20/2017, 05:47:45
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"I met people in the 90s who got k from the man himself and they all said they were told not to listen to the older premies."

If I were a sour, discredited and pathetic Guru Maharaji like Rawat had become, then I would try to re-write history and reinvent myself with a flimsy façade of legitimacy, too.  I surely wouldn't want anyone to hear about all the utterly false, ignorant and self-serving things I said and did that debased those early premies, either, such as:

Oh forget it.  The old lakeshore who would have written a two page list is thankfully long gone.  The new one is too old and lazy.  Thankfully everyone here knows it by heart disgust. 

Thanks, Jethro, for stating again what goes to the core of the lies and disgrace this forum continues to expose.

Hope you are well! 

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