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01/18/2017, 20:41:47
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I think what my friend meant by the dark ages was a combo of a referral to how long ago that was and simple embarrassment as to the absurdity. With me being only 51, he added that a lot of strange things happened in that era. He even has joked a little about it. One day at work I told about the 5 hour energy drink and Bhol ji, and he said that "he invented music" The sad part is to realize how odd those days were, that you still raise money and blow tons to go. Another old friend likes to fondly recall the beauty of getting squirted with colored water in Florida, but that glow sounded a bit like missing younger days in general. The overall message I get when confronting them with the past is how wonderful things evolve. I hate to admit it, but they are all seemingly hopeless to escape. thanks again for your wonderful insight. I'm dying with curiosity to know if any of my friends snoop on here. I do hope there are some that do, surely. It is always my hope that more will get free and come out. I mentioned to him the divine characteristics, as in Satpal being Jesus, mother of creation, all those fuzzy titles. I guess those who stuck around when they had the split feel that those divine characteristics disappeared for most of the family.

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