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01/18/2017, 20:08:28
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I'm not quite getting the analogy of the dark ages with the whole of the holy family having divine characteristics? those two statements seem incongruous... what could be dark about divine characteristics? if they were indeed divine and... well, wtf is he talking about? Mata ji and Bhole ji and Raja ji and Durgha ji (marolyn) and the 4 kids , which characteristics in particular?
 how did he know about this?
 And how did he know they have lost the divine characteristics?
 at what stage did they disappear and become mere mortals who bribe each other to switch teams. Is that behaviour not more of an indication of the dark age upon us? 

Yes by the way I lied to my parents, however I knew it was wrong,  but then once I was an adult i stopped doing that because they weren't standing in my way. and then if they didn't like the truthful answer to a question I told them not to ask me if they didn't want the truth. about M though I lied to them by omission. I just didn't bring to light the things I knew would be a red flag. Darshan, donations etc etc. neither did I even mention any of this to various therapists, it just never occurred to me, it was like my secret life, I might have mentioned that I meditate. Like a badge of honour. The fact that my hearts desire was to fly around the world after a guru was something only premies understood. If my friends questioned me , knowing I was going to see the guru, i would add that I also had this very important meeting or some other thing that was justifiable in world terms because I din't want them to think i was a fanatic. However it never occurred to me that therefore I was seeing myself as a fanatic somehow to even feel the need to defend with a fib.
The statement of the dark ages and the divine characteristics of the holy family reminds me of my divided self as a premie. Nothing that couldn't be solved with a giant dose of critical thinking but that was almost forbidden. Marking time in the same spot, over and over again.

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