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01/18/2017, 16:29:23
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The sad thing is we never saw it as lying.... we were protecting M (and our fragile belief system) from those who couldn't possibly understand.... we were protecting those who couldn't possibly understand as well somehow, although I'm not sure how that worked exactly. we were somehow serving him by keeping out 'darkness' and doubt and holding true to the belief that his efforts for peace in the hearts of the premies was the most important thing in the world. As if. It's a very romantic and poetic notion born of a caste system in India mixed with the age of romanticism that the west suffers from. Yes we need hope but not in things that do not bear the fruit of that hope in the real world. The amount of money spent flying around the world with mistress in tow could be better allocated to those in need of some real world sustenance in my humble opinion. The grandiose lifestyle is just unnecessary for someone who purports to be enlightened. What a load of flapping around premies go through to get to sit in a hall for an hour to hear him repeat ad infinitum the half truths and spiritual illusions - literally the hypnosis that has made him a wealthy and unnecessarily proud man.
He will be forgotten before long, future generations will not honour his name. Jesus walked among the people and his humility and mercy towards those that he came across that were suffering of real world ailments spoke to his mastery of love of humanity. So more than 2000 years later everyone knows his name. I'm afraid prem cannot hope for such a legacy, not least because he has changed his mask so many times and each incarnation of his charity and distribution of wealth back to him company, as well as the name by which he is known, the clothes , the devotional rhetoric, each new incarnation dreamt up by his public relations team is completely disconnected from the last! he is as slippery as a snake. His complete lack of integrity is lost on the premies, they will lie for the so called master without ever knowing they are lying because they have put him above their own integrity. the road to hell is paved with good intentions....

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