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01/17/2017, 23:54:32
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Satsang 1981, miami -his masters voice said, "don't listen to the premies"
it has been divide and conquer the whole time
The reason they haven't heard of gmj is because he has expressed his wish that none of the old days be brought up, repeatedly. Last year a post by some honcho on facebook said as much, instructions from on high
It is incongruent with his ambassador of peace schtick. He pretends, and premies pretend that foot kissing was never a thing, but it still happens. If he gave up on it his bequest from the oldies might dry up. Not to mention the whole of India, Malaysia, Mauritius etc
Who cares about the family stuff anyway right? Until they find out their master has had a mistress for years. On the payroll. If there's nothing wrong with this behaviour why are people x rated to not breathe a word of it?
 If it's all fair in love and war why doesn't he just be honest? 
Because then he'd have to be honest about the entire house of cards? The one that really doesn't have a conscience is PR, it's no wonder it rubs off on the premies. It agia by now

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