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01/17/2017, 03:17:43
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my suggestion... I would steer clear of ANY blatantly narcissistic personalities and revel in the clarity of seeing things as they are without the hindrance of hypnosis and belief system restructuring that inevitably is there to funnel your emotional, mental, physical, financial and time resources to the ever hungry guru and his beleaguered entourage. If anyone spouts platitudes it is him and then the hypnotised sheep follow by repeating it. I agree that the peace felt through hiding ones head under a blanket everyday is the most unlikely method for bringing world peace ever. what would it matter if we all meditated 5 hours a day? still nothing would happen, no social change, multi national corps would continue their rampage of the planet and we would be just toooooo cooooool to care, just platitudes and deepening selfish awareness that separates one from another, fiercely defending our right to a serotonin hit over work, family, political activism, saving the planet and yes world peace... there is no future in that path , except for the business man called prem. Even that is dwindling ,the methods he has used in the past (constantly updating) need another overhaul because he is looking more and more irrelevant with every passing year. I would never advise anyone to delve into the techniques he preaches as his own or anything else he or any other guru spouts as 'the answer'. Remeber the advertisement for coke/ It's the real thing, blablablabla BLAH. Spin, pure spin. I disagree with taking heroin, i have never tried it, and anyone who would advise me to try it before i form an opinion about that for myself I would regard as a drug dealer. Auggie, you're doing great and your friends are lucky to have you. You are even luckier to have seen through the charade as it played out with your former girl friend and the way that it influenced her behaviour. Be who you are, even as the sheep are hypnotised into thinking they are lions. I know your real despair is you can't wake them up or break the spell. It's an absolute miracle that any of us got out of there with any semblance of self. These pages are a testament to that struggle. We are happy you are here among us because you have a bond with your friends and you are trying to see a way to break the hold of the narc relationship they are in. All power to ya

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