Hi steve, I saw this article and immediately thought of you.
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From the Age of the Guru to the Age of the Friend
Recently a guru admitted to me, "You know, when I stopped believing that I was enlightened and others weren't, all the fun went out of giving satsang!"
The age of the guru is over. This is the age of the friend. The message of self-knowledge and liberation is outstripping any guru's ability to contain it. People have been discovering that the message is independent of the messenger. The message has become detached from its older, exclusivistic, privileged stage settings. No longer must it travel down from a hierarchy. These days the message of liberation spreads horizontally from person to person. It moves more like an ocean than a waterfall. It grows more like a rhizome than an oak tree.
Of course there are still gurus. There will be gurus as long as there are friends. There will always be some gurus able to serve as wonderful teachers and inspiring examples. But these days the friend is providing more and more of the same services. The friend is spreading the message of self-knowledge, opening hearts with lovingkindness, and inspiring others with enthusiasm.

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