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01/08/2017, 20:42:45
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It was only about 6 years ago that I last lived there. I always parked my cab in front of those places, as that was my crowd anyway, thus my preferred(usually) passengers.   I remember once parked outside of another of Jay's bars, Owlsleys, I gave a freebie as a favor, and drove Robbie Krieger a lift back to his hotel room. He was the doors guitarist. He mostly wanted to talk about cab driving. Of course I wasn't such an idiot that I'd ask "Did Jim really drink a lot"? , or anything about Morrison. I regretted not catching that show as the impromptu band did as much Dead as Doors. It was always funny when dosed kids would hop in the cab after those events and think they were having a cosmic experience. I generally had Dead or Phish bootlegs playing, and  as an English speaking, non-Muslim hippie driver who encouraged smoking in the car was a mystical thing for them. I got a lot of non-conventional tips! I didn't miss work too much, thus only caught a full show once a month or so, but knew all the doormen thus could freely enter any of those venues to use the washroom and catch a tune or tune anytime. String Cheese, Xavier Rudd etc. etc. One of my Facebook friends, an old touring buddy, took a lot of the photos on the walls at Sanchos. I last rolled through there for Phish at Dick's sporting goods park about 4 years ago. I too am a non Premie, I came here after getting involved with a woman I met through my real good, still practicing PWK , friend. I know a bunch of them here, though only still talk to a few since my friend retired and closed the little vegetarian cafe last summer that I worked at off and on, when here(Ottawa) for about 23 years. Some talked with a glow in their eyes about Denver and some cult compound south of Colfax around Vine or High St., unsure exactly. 

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