R.I.P. Pat Conlon
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01/07/2017, 05:22:49
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Such sad news, Pat was very instrumental in helping me exit the Cult. I owe him a debt of gratitude for the clarity, humor, wisdom, support and flat out go for it integrity which he extended to me and others while we were going through the challenging process of transitioning out of the cult and breaking through the myth.

It was an amazing time for a so many of us who all seemed to wake-up at the same time the class of 2001 we fondly called ourselves,

Pat was an incredible chef, I also had the pleasure of visiting his Jourbet restaurant in SF where I experienced one of the finest meals I have ever eaten prepared by Pat, Andy and Chuck. 

They closed the restaurant for the day and made the meal exclusively for myself and Gerry from Washington, some of you may remember him from the forum back then.

Amazing food South African, East Indian and Asian influenced original family recipes delicious homemade curries and chutneys 

Later when Pat and the boys moved up to Oregon to a small coastal town I was shocked because it turned out that they settled in the same small town that I grew up in.

I made several trips down there and visited as often as possible before liver cancer and health subsequent issues and liver transplant slowed me down.

It has been a long while since I saw Pat though I thought of him often, news of his passing has hit hard I have a huge wave remorse because I intended to surprise him with a visit in a couple of weeks.

I am good to go now, no problems, Pat and I are the same age and we both were going through simultaneous age related health issues.  Ironically I was going to visit the hometown on the 28th and was all set to go over and see him.

I didn't always agree with his politics and he knew it but I have to say I am coming around to a better understanding of your views today Pat, I wish I could have told you that in person.

Thank you my friend for being there for me when I needed it most in my quest for freedom, your presence made a major difference in the quality of my life

My condolences to Andy and Chuck

R.I.P. Pat
Brian Smith

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