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01/04/2017, 17:19:39
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Steve-once again you show great spiritual wisdom and maturity in expanding your team of gurus…4 is always better than one…and all those additional mata-ji's too!

Actually, I really can't imagine any american premie that I know following anyone after prem is gone….I think they all realize that the magic has been long gone, and also harbor doubts about the old claims that prem boasted of in the 70's….most of them stick around as a sort of "spiritual insurance" and ignore the hypocrisies around him…
I think when he goes, there may be some business level fighting that goes on, but I think most premies will grieve for awhile, and be glad they don't have to traipse all over the world following one of his kids or grandkids as the new "master" of some sort….

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