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01/02/2017, 03:28:02
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Hi Genny, nice to see you here.  

the solstice is just before Christmas - 21st, 22nd or 23rd.  Not sure why we have Dec 25 as the date really.  as I understand it the midwinter celebration predates Christianity.  The calendar we're on at the moment is called the Gregorian calendar and was I think invented by some monks.  They have to adjust the time every so often, not even a day is exactly a day - isn't that wonderful!

I have reached the conclusion that my heart reigns not my mind.  I can't pick the people I love, I can't love more or less, it just happens and that's that.

The people here were literally a sanctuary for me when I was exiting and ever since.  It was in my 40's and I had started waking up early and I'd get up at 3 or 4 in the morning and I just loved my time in that predawn hush, I started writing and i would always come here and it was like a window into my dungeon.

yeah I'm not much good with new year resolutions, I just like the turning of the year and after the 11 days between birthday and new year that I am cactus then it's back to normal but all clean and new feeling.

so here's to a happy new year, everyone, love Lesley

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