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01/01/2017, 13:32:21
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Happy New Year

Yes...good tidings and all lovely things for you beautiful souls this year...and always.  I tend to want to rebel against this (and so many others)'s just a bunch of numbers we have placed on the passage of the sun, based on one man's existence...

If it weren't for Jesus, I wonder what the number would be now .  And who or what we would base it on then...I'm sure you all have much better ideas than I do.  It all just feels a little weird to me...the entire world is celebrating something new so I can't help but feel it...this odd sense of renewal and new beginnings that belong to Spring, not Winter.  

But there is something lovely about it...the excitement of the countdown that seems to be free from all the ways we have divided ourselves.  One big party for the whole world, pretty great.

For me, resolutions aren't the's reflection and acting on gratitude.

I am immensely grateful for every single one of you, and this site.  You have been life changing for me, and a huge ray of light in my dark hours.

The one thing I will resolve to do this year, is to make sure that my 'death papers' include a request that someone post a notification here.  Now, the sad fact is that I'll probably outlive most of you...which of course freaks me out a bit, what will I do without you?  But if ever there was a freak accident or are the souls I'd want to know.  And I hope you'll do the same...I keep worrying about what will happen if no one knows to tell us and the posts just stop...anyway, so morbid for such a beautiful new day...sorry!

Probably gonna be a crazy 2017 as Trump settles into his new role...I can't believe that sentence is real...anyway, good luck to us all !!!

Love, Genny

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