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12/24/2016, 04:22:57
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Thanks Cynthia, I appreciate your concern. We are all okay. A friend of a work colleague of mine was there though and witnessed the whole thing. She was/is of course very traumatized.

In general that attitude in Berlin has been one of extreme resilience. People have been going about their day and not allowing it to cower them.

I guess everyone was expecting something like this to happen anyway. For myself it has been on my mind for a while. There are a lot of circumstances in Berlin like Christmas markets and flea markets with crowds of people in open spaces. Whenever I am in that situation I find myself thinking about the possibility of a terrorist attack at that moment and even considering my options. Crazy times we live in. So much different than the free days of our youth.

The day after the attack I had lunch with the parents of an Indian colleague of mine. They were talking about the way this has been their condition since the early 90s since the first bomb attacks in Bombay. People are very vigilant.

Much love and happy holidays to you and everyone else here. My family and I are having some very dark times right now for totally other reasons. But today and the days to come will I hope be happy ones for us all.

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