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12/20/2016, 15:07:28
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I remember being so tired out by all the effort of getting there that I slept through a whole event in Rome.  

All I remember is the crowds and queuing to get into the place - it was ridiculous.  Why tell people to get there at a certain time and then keep the gates closed.

and then once inside the queuing to get down the particular aisle and no deviating from the set paths chosen by the ushers.  And then the chairs were comfortable.  Everyone would settle down it would get quiet and I would fall asleep.

I was awake for the Rejoice program.  I think maybe that was when being a premie lost some of it's shine for me.  Rawat wasn't happy with the way things had been?  Essentially that's a real worry.  Anyway I know it clicked something off in me and sucked a bit of joy out of the air.  Not exactly a rejoicing.  

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