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12/18/2016, 20:37:03
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Sorry to read about Pat. 
I believe he was at the Latvian in SF I attended years ago.  As for Palm Desert, CA.  I love that place.  Great golf and scenery.   Take a gondola to the restaurants inside the hotel.  It made up for the complete dog of a place in
Greenleaf, FL.
  like a bad religious retreat camp. Wood, green paint and bugs.  As for the Denver event held at the Denver Coliseum (built in 1952) complained
  The day before our move-in (a Monday for a Friday-Sunday event), the
place was holding a rodeo.
  We get in
and they just put down temporary flooring on top of the dirt and horseshit.
  I was in charge of food and it was a lot of work.  We had healthy options, but it was a
bitch to do (for the first time we used cash registers).  A lot of dedicated volunteers helped out [thanks].
  I had great seats but fell asleep
in five seconds.
  Rejoice.  Oh yea/sure. 
Just another excuse for an expensive tour -- all expenses donated (not for me, but by me).

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