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12/13/2016, 15:02:56
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I'm trying to track down my girlfriend from then because I really want to know - did I see the creep then or didn't I? I've always maintained not, that the closest I got was one Sunday morning after raving all night I drove up with a friend to Rawat's house and got out and sat on the cliff above admiring the view, looking down at the mansion that still had balloons on the walls from Marolyn's birthday party the night before (don't remember how I knew that) and told my friend the amazing, as in how-could-I-be-so-gullible, story of the cult leader below. I've told this here before. Eventually, one of his servants drove up with the Sunday paper and some fresh orange juice from the Trancas market. She wanted to know who these two hipsters (yikes!) were and I explained that I was an escapee who, in ten years time, would spend a few years trying to expose and embarrass him online. Of course neither of us knew what "online" meant then. This was late 80's. It just came out.

But did we go to Long Beach? Hm ....

Even if we did, I would only have gone out of curiosity. I was done within a year of landing in LA in 1980. I hung around a bit for the limited social contact before I started making new outside friends.

How's your kid doing?

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