birthday dilemmas
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12/09/2016, 21:41:37
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It must be hard being the Lord of the Universe and having to placate both the family and the mistress about who gets to celebrate one's birthday or christmas or new year ( I guess his birthday IS Christmas to them?)ughh
  Does he spend it with Marolyn and 'the kids' 
(groan's Dad's birthday again and he is never satisfied with anything i buy him from the premie donation coffers)
 Does he have a little private appointment regarding work(?) ahem, with his mistress and personal photographer Monika Lewis for good measure, the way he does in backstage rooms at events? We all know his mission to conquer the world is his number one priority and anyway it's a great excuse to get out of the house ( wait- he doesn't live in the same house as his wife for years now)
So difficult dividing one's time in this pesky world with it's mores and morals invading one's right to do whatever one bloody well wants, as is customary for a child raised as a perfect incarnation of Narcissus himself.
I am reminded of the suicide of Lord Snowden's mistress on new years eve, tired of being 2nd to the family on such occasions. 
How to keep them all quiet and make sure neither leaves any damning evidence anywhere must be a headache on it's own. I notice Monika's facebook page is no longer with us, pity, it used to have some nice shots from the window of the private jet that we could drool over, although maybe she was just sticking the knife in. Never mind, she will no doubt be replaced as soon as she sees the chinks in his amour, just as Marolyn was. The devil is in the details. Still, money talks, and it must take a fair amount of it to keep all the brats happy along with the competing females who have something over him. Especially when they are all dipping into the pot that feeds them to compete for best birthday gift for the so called master of the time come in human form to save us all(retch)
 Just a suggestion, he probably needs hair plugs by now, heaven knows a saviour has to keep up appearances somehow. 
Luckily he has his beloved cognac to fall back on so maybe they can each buy him a case of that and maybe some magic mushrooms to give him a religious experience ... himself giving satsang to himself... unfortunately he has a very hard time listening to anyone else, some sympathy for the devil on his birthday anyway, for his hard row to hoe, perhaps thats all he needs. Trouble is he WANTS so much......

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